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Ezua Chapaa

The Innovative revolving USSD credit line,*674#, allows you to access credit limits from as low as Ksh 100 up to Ksh 2,000,000.


Ezua Chapaa

Ezua Chapaa/USSD Credit Card, allows you to get enough financing for daily operations. Instead of downloading several mobile apps, we offer you a large credit limit from Kes 100 to Kes 2,000,000 with which you can withdraw and repay hassle-free.

Ezua Chapaa is available to both existing Momentum logbook loan clients and new clients.

Ezua Chapaa

Why choose us



We have a turnaround time promise of 24 hours on all our products and services.



We strive to always deliver on our promises.

Solution Oriented

Solution Oriented

We believe in structuring effective solutions to meet your needs.



There are no hidden charges in our fee structures.

Benefits of Ezua Chapaa

Only 20% deposit & flexible repayments of up to 11 months.

Conveniently access at your liberty and as the need arises with minimum paperwork

Market beating premium rates & Interest rates as low as 2% per month

Flexible minimum repayments and longer repayment period – Up to 3 years or even more depending on usage

Same day processing

TAT – The Turn Around Time of this service is electric with loans being able to be processed as fast as in a matter of minutes

No early settlement fees

Affordable Rates – USSD Credit Card is relatively cheaper and more affordable

Basic Requirements

Individual Application

  • Original Logbook
  • Copy of ID
  • KRA Pin

Corporate Application

  • Original Logbook
  • Certificate of registration/Incorporation
  • KRA Pin


1. Getting Started with USSD Credit Card

What is USSD Credit Card?

Similar to Safaricom’s/Mpesa’s “Fuliza”, USSD Credit Card is a Revolving Credit Facility in which you will be given a credit limit from which you can withdraw the amount he needs at his/her liberty. Any unutilized amount or repaid amount shall be used for further withdrawal by the client.


If you have been given a credit limit of Sh. 20,000 and you withdraw Sh.5,000, the amount available for further withdrawal is Sh.15,000. Interest will accrue on the outstanding Sh.5,000. If the you pays say Sh.3,000, the available limit for withdrawal shall be Sh. 3,000 (the repaid amount) +Sh.15,000 (the initially available amount) = Sh.18,000. The amount that shall accrue interest is the remaining Sh. 2,000 (Sh.5,000 – Sh.3,000) and the cycle continues on and on until the client pays off the facility.

2. Accessing Your Account

3. Services Accessible Via the USSD Platform

4. Applying for USSD Credit Card

5. USSD Credit Card Features and Benefits

6. Withdrawing Funds and Repayment

7. Privacy and Security

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