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Import Duty Financing

We pay 100% of import duty and other related costs promptly.


Import Duty Financing

Import Duty Financing is a short term facility designed to help you settle 100% of port charges promptly, seamlessly and on time thus avoiding storage and demurrage charges.

We pay for import duty, storage charges and demurrages (if any), clearing, forwarding & other logistical costs and finally facilitate transportation to the final destination.

Why choose us



We have a turnaround time promise of 24 hours on all our products and services.



We strive to always deliver on our promises.

Solution Oriented

Solution Oriented

We believe in structuring effective solutions to meet your needs.



There are no hidden charges in our fee structures.

Benefits of Import Duty Financing

Only 20% deposit & flexible repayments of up to 11 months.

Enable the importer avoid high storage and demurrage charges at the port

Market beating premium rates & Interest rates as low as 2% per month

Pay for clearing, forwarding and other logistics costs

Same day processing

Facilitate transportation of goods from the port to the final destination

No early settlement fees

Maximum tenure of 30 days with a leeway to convert to a logbook or revolving facility

Basic Requirements

Individual Application

  • -Copy of National ID card and Copy of the PIN Certificate
  • Invoice for the motor vehicle or other goods.
  • 2 Passport Photos
  • Original Bill of lading.
  • English Japanese logbook
  • Certified Mpesa Statement for latest 6 months

Additional Documents for Corporate Clients

  • Cashflow Documents
  • CR-12
  • Board resolution
  • Authority to Cash Authority
  • Authority to Sign Cheques
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