Company Overview

Momentum Credit was founded in March 2017 with purposeful intent to meet an overwhelming market need of providing structured working capital solutions to Individuals and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs are touted, by reputable institutions such as the World Bank, as the economic growth engines that shall drive Africa out of chronic poverty to the utopia of middle income status. However such companies regularly face a crippling lack of access to financing, due to the broad based perception of being too risky.

Contrary to this belief, we at Momentum Credit believe in the aspirations of our continent and exist as a credible alternative for this market. We focus on providing structured solutions that make credit easily and readily accessible to those that can afford such financing, whom in most cases, would be undeservedly labelled as unbankable. Which is why at Momentum Credit we believe in “Expanding Your Possibilities”.


Transforming Structured non-bank finance across Africa.

Our Values

  • Commitment

    When we commit we fully commit to deliver to promise.

  • Leadership

    We are all leaders in our area of expertise.

  • Integrity

    Our strong ethical beliefs are the driving force behind all we do.

  • Excellence

    We take immense care and pride in what we do.

  • Connection

    We value relationships and never treat them merely as transactions.

Why Choose Us


We have a turnaround time promise of 24 hours and under on all our products and services.


We strive to always deliver to promise and so we are careful with the promises we make.


There are no hidden charges in our fee structures.

Solution Oriented

We believe in structuring effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs.