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Do you have a grievance?
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We are committed to fair and ethical business conduct. We encourage lodging grievances in writing through a letter, email ([email protected]) or through this platform. Grievances may also be lodged via telephone through the Call Centre or verbally in any of our branches. Your grievance will be actioned promptly and thoroughly giving you a full response within five working days.


What can be reported?

Reportable misconduct includes but is not limited to: -

  1. All forms of financial malpractices or impropriety such as fraud, corruption, bribery, forgery, blackmail, theft, misappropriation of funds and classified documents
  2. Failure to comply with legal obligations, statutes, and regulatory directives.
  3. Actions detrimental to Health and Safety or the Environment.
  4. Any form of criminal activity;
  5. Improper conduct or unethical behaviour that undermines universal and core ethical values such as integrity, respect, honesty, accountability and fairness etc.
  6. Other forms of corporate governance breaches.
  7. Connected transactions not disclosed or reported in line with regulations.
  8. Insider abuse - where employees with special access privileges and knowledge of operations and information use this knowledge and information to alter or disable security controls for their own benefit and to the detriment of the Company.
  9. Non-disclosure of conflict of interest.
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