Invoice Factoring is a business financing facility where businesses are able to sell their outstanding invoices to a Factor so as to get a cash advance of up to 85% of the invoice value within 24 hours.

The Factor, in this case Momentum Credit, takes responsibility of waiting on the invoice payment for up to 90 days, while your business benefits from the fast cash injection  to boost your working capital.

Why Choose Us


We have a turnaround time promise of 24 hours and under on all our products and services.


We strive to always deliver to promise and so we are careful with the promises we make.


There are no hidden charges in our fee structures.

Solution Oriented

We believe in structuring effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Benefits of Invoice Factoring

  • Improves operating cash flows improves your business’ cash flow predictability and increases your long term borrowing capacity even from banks.
  • Does not register as debt factoring is not borrowing but rather a sale of a receivable and therefore no debt is registered on your balance sheet.
  • Aligned credit growth your business’ credit limit increases as your sales grow, giving you comfort on the source of funding for future expansion.
  • Revolving credit line provides flexibility in adapting to your changing business cycles and therefore, like an overdraft facility you only draw and use what you need.


  • Copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of CR12
  • Copy of Company PIN
  • Copy of Tax Compliance Certificate
  • Company Profile
  • Copy of Director’s PIN
  • Copy of Director’s National ID
  • Audited Accounts (for the past 3 years)
  • Bank Account Statements (for the past 12 months)
  • Current Debtor Ageing Report (for the client company)
  • Current Creditors Report (for the client company)
  • Current Creditor Ageing report (for each proposed factoring customer)
  • 3 sample invoices (for each proposed customer in the past 12 months)
  • Company Organogram
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Frequently Asked Questions

Any business that engages in credit transactions. As long as there is a delivery note to show that goods were delivered and an invoice which would have to be presented to Momentum Credit for factoring.

Momentum Credit offers a credit lines to clients of between KES 1,000,000 to KES 5,000,000 depending on the strengths of their financials.

We charge a small standard processing fee for each advance and a discount fee depending on the number of days each invoice remains outstanding.

We finance up to 85% of the invoice amount, depending on credit days contained in the invoice.

We advance money within 24 hours of receipt of an invoice and its supporting documentation.

We build up escrow reserves for each client to safeguard all parties from such an event.

The facility is unsecured. No property is required to cover the borrowing.

Through a Momentum Credit nominated joint account, in which all called invoices should be paid to

It is the client’s responsibility to collect invoices within the stipulated terms of trade. Momentum Credit shall only get involved once payment is late.

Yes. All customers must be pre-approved before processing any invoices.