Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with USSD Topup

Q: What is USSD Topup?

A: USSD Topup is a service that allows Momentum Credit Ltd clients to get top up loans through their phones at their convenience

Q: What is the eligibility criteria for using this Service?

A: To access this Service, you need to meet the below criteria:

  1. You need to be an existing Momentum Credit Limited client
  2. You must have paid at least three instalments
  • Your instalment repayments must be up to date.
  1. Your valuation must be valid – Your vehicle’s valuation shall be valid for 10 months after which you will be required to undertake another valuation of the vehicle.
  2. Your Insurance must be valid – You shall successfully access this Service as long as your vehicle’s insurance expires in 60 days or more. If your vehicle’s insurance is expiring in less than 60 days, you will be required to renew your insurance so that you can continue enjoying this Services.

Q: Is this Service only available for Momentum Credit Clients?

A: Yes. At the moment, this Service is only available to Momentum Credit Ltd clients. For more information on being a Momentum Credit Ltd client , please call 0709434434.

Q: How shall I know that I qualify to use this Service?

A:For you to know that you qualify for this service, you need to receive a pre-qualification text from Momentum Credit Ltd informing you that you have qualified for the Service.

Q: For how long shall the offer be valid after pre-qualification?

A: Upon pre-qualification and subsequent receipt of the pre-qualification message, the offer shall be valid for 30 days.


2.   Accessing Your Account


 Q: How do I activate/register for this Service?

A: To activate this service, dial *674#, choose option 1(“Register”) and enter your ID number.

Q: How should I enter my ID number if it has less than eight digits ?

A: If your ID has less than eight digits, please insert a zero/zeros before entering your ID number. For example, if your ID number is 123456, enter it as 00123456

Q:  What devices support this service ?

A: This service shall be supported by all phones with different operating systems including Android Operating System, Windows Operating system, iPhone Operating System, Black Berry Operating System etc.

Q:  Can I access this service using a different phone number from the one I gave during the loan application ?

A: No. You can only access this service using the same phone number you gave during the original loan application.

Q: Shall this Service be available across all networks ?

A: No, at the moment, this  service  shall only be  available for  clients using Safaricom lines

3.   Services Accessible Via the USSD Platform

Q: What are the main menu items in this Service ?

A: The main menu items in this Service include:

  • Request for Loan Topup
  • Instalment Due Payment
  • Total Outstanding Balance
  • Insurance
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Back and Exit

Q: Can Momentum Credit Ltd clients who have not yet paid three instalments access this service ?

A: Yes, such clients can access the other menu items except for the “Request for Topup” option

Q: What other options are available through this Service other than requesting for Topup?

A: All clients, those who qualify for the USSD Topup or not, shall be able to:

  • Check their instalments due dates and amounts
  • Check their pay off balances
  • Check their insurance expiry dates
  • Review the Terms and Conditions of Logbook loans
4.   Applying for USSD Topup


 Q:  How can I request for USSD Topup ?

  • Dial the short code, Login and enter your PIN
  • From menu list, select “Request for Topup”
  • Enter the amount you want to apply for and press OK
  • Confirm the amount you have entered and select “Proceed”

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: The application process is fast and easy hence takes just a few minutes

Q: How fast can I get the money after application ?

A: The Turn Around Time (TAT) of getting money through this service is as below provided you meet the loan requirements:

  • Amounts of Sh.200,000 and below shall be disbursed instantly
  • Amounts above Sh.200,000 shall be processed between 8.00am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday and from 8.00am to 12.30pm on Saturdays.

Q: What amount of money shall I get in my account when I apply for USSD Topup ?

  • The amount you shall get in your account shall be calculated as below:
  • The amount applied for
  • Less any accrued interest from the current loan
  • Less Fees from the current loan
  • Less 3% processing fees

Q: How many times can I apply for USSD Topup?

A: USSD Topup is a continuous product which you can apply for as many times as you want provided that your valuation and insurance are renewed as per the company’s provisions

5.   USSD Topup Features and Benefits


Q: What’s the unique pricing of USSD Topup?

  • NTSA charges shall be waived
  • Chattel fees shall be waived
  • Tracking installation charges shall be waived
  • Processing fees shall be 3%

Q: What are the maximum and minimum loan terms for this product?

A: The minimum and maximum loan amounts are as below:

  • Minimum loan term: 1 month
  • Maximum loan term: 12 months

Q: What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts for USSD Topup ?

A: The minimum and maximum loan amounts are as below:

  • Minimum loan amount: Sh.100
  • Maximum loan amount: Sh.2,000,000

Q: What are the benefits of using this service ?

A: The benefits of using this service are as below:

  • Convenience – Minimum paperwork and easy to use/navigate
  • Ease of access – The service is easily accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Affordable pricing – The pricing of the product is quite affordable
  • TAT – The Turn Around Time of this service is electric with loans being able to be processed in as fast as in a matter of minutes
  • Flexibility – This service offers flexible repayment periods (up to 12 months)
6.   Loan Disbursement and Repayment


Q: Through what channels can the Topup amount be disbursed?

A: At the moment, all disbursements shall be done via Pesalink directly to one’s bank account current on record.

Q: What shall be my loan repayment period ?

A:Your loan repayment period for USSD Topup shall be similar to the loan repayment period of the original loan being topped up.

Q: How can I repay my loan ?

A: You can repay the loan:

  1. Through providing additional cheques. You are required to provide the additional cheques within 14 days after the loan disbursement
  2. Via Lipa na Mpesa PayBill (801480)

Q: Will there be any early repayment fees if I  repay my loan earlier ?

A: No. You shall not be charged any early repayment fees if you repay your loan early

7. Privacy and Security


 Q: What is a PIN?

A: A PIN is a four-digit number used as your unique identifier. You should never share this number with anyone.

Q: What happens if I forget my PIN?

A: If you forget your PIN please:

  • Call 0709434434 for a PIN reset.
  • Upon receiving the OTP (One Time Password), dial *674# and select “Forgot PIN” from the welcome/Opt-in screen.
  • Enter the OTP, then set and confirm a four-digit PIN. This shall be your new PIN

Q: Can I change my PIN ?

A: Yes, if you have a feeling that your PIN has been compromised, you can change it at any time. To change your PIN:

  • Dial *674#
  • Select “Proceed” in the welcome screen
  • Select “My Account”
  • From the list, select “Change PIN”
  • Enter old PIN
  • Enter New PIN
  • Confirm new PIN

Q: Can I change my account details ?

  1. Yes, to change your account details including your phone number, bank account details, physical address details, etc. kindly call 0709434434. Our representative shall walk you through the necessary process.
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